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Your Cooperative

Cooperatives are unique organizations. Unlike private corporations, which are owned and operated by a few select stockholders, cooperatives are equally owned by all the members they serve. Each member has one vote in electing a Board of Directors. There are nine directors (three from each district), who develop policies for McCone Electric Co-op.

The Board of Directors enlist the general manager of the co-op to implement the policies it develops. The general manager uses the co-op's employees to carry out the day-to-day operations of the co-op.

The co-op has three departments of operations: administration, operations, and member services departments. These departments are set up to handle the work loads of the co-op. The administration department processes billing and handles questions concerning bills. They also handle the co-op's computerized accounting system; as well as inventory control, capital credits, and material. The operations department is responsible for the construction and maintenance, as well as the operation of the co-op's electrical system. This department makes sure the system is operating properly. The member services department is responsible for many things, including keeping the members informed, doing energy audits, heat loss calculations, marketing, advertising, safety programs, electrical questions, etc.

All three departments were set up with one goal in mind, to provide quality service to the members of the co-op.

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