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Auto Pay - Pay by Bank

McCone Electric Co-op., Inc. now offers its members a new convenient way to pay their electric bills. The Automatic Payment Plan is a free service that allows you to draw funds from your checking or savings account to pay your monthly electric bill. The payment is made automatically each month.

By filling out the Automatic Payment Plan Enrollment Authorization Form below, your monthly electric bill will be automatically deducted from the account designated by you. The electronic deduction will occur at approximately the same day each month. (The 15th of each month.) The authorization you give to charge your bank account will remain in effect until cancelled by notifying McCone Electric Co-op., Inc. in writing.

The enrollment process could take two to three billing cycles to complete. You will continue to receive a McCone Electric Co-op., Inc. billing statement. Your electronic payment will be shown on the bill.

If you have any questions regarding the Automatic Payment Plan please call our office at 1-800-684-3605.

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