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Electric Heaters

Electric baseboard, electric wall heaters and electric garage heaters are sold to members of McCone Electric Cooperative. Once your electric heat is installed you can connect it to McCone Electric's electric heat rate.

Surge Suppressors

"Consumer Reports" calls surge suppressors a sensible form of insurance. That's because power disruptions are hard on today's sensitive electronic equipment such as Blue Ray players, DVD players,  stereos, TVs, answering machines, fax machines and especially your computer.

Over time, these disruptions may gradually deteriorate your appliances. In some instances, lightning and power surges can instantly damage equipment. McCone Electric does everything possible to deliver quality power to your home or business but spikes and surges can happen at any time and from many other sources.

Now you can protect your valued electronics with the one of the best surge suppression systems available - Meter Treater surge protection. We are your headquarters for Meter Treater surge suppression equipment. Their high quality products offer real benefits.

Don't wait until a mishap occurs. Protect your home and equipment before it happens

Freedom water heaters logoWater Heaters

  • Revolutionary new PEXAN lined tank
  • 6 year tank warranty
  • 2 year parts warranty (Lifetime warranty on Sandhog element)
  • Patented Self-Cleaning Turbo Coil Dip Tube made from Everlast Blue PEX Polymer
  • Minimum 2.5" foam insulation - R factor 20.84
  • 4500 watt element standard
  • Factory-Installed Temperature and Pressure relief valve
  • Exceeds 1990 efficiency standards
  • Adjustable Thermostats
  • Includes "PEX" T&P discharge pipe.

Water Heater Agreement Form.pdf

Rebates Available:

McCone Electric has a water heater program rebate.

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